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Information about using the cheats, etc.

<Playstation Cheats>

Cheats for the PS version of the game...

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Codes to tap into your PC copy...

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Cheats for the Sega Dreamcast release...

<Vehicle List>

List of all featured vehicles...

<General Tips>

Ways to make GTA2 more fun!


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    To activate a cheat, type it into the "name" section at the beginning of the game - you will have to erase the old name, after which you will be asked to input a new one. You can add as many cheats as you like by changing your name repeatedly. Once done, change to a "sensible" name of your choice and play as usual... For the PC version, it has been reported that all/some of the cheats require you to change your name to "Gouranga" before deleting it and adding your cheats as above...


Playstation Cheats




All levels available to play.


Infinate Engery.


All weapons and items available.


5 x multiplier...


Start with 10,000,000 points!


Wanted level set to maximum.


Start with $500,000.


Maximum points from beginning.


PC Cheats




Enable blood splatters.


Max respect from all gangs.


Free shopping.


Gives you 99 lives.


Weapons remain after losing life.


Gives you points for saving...


Start game with 9,999,999 points.


Start game with $500,000.


10 x multiplier...


All weapons and mazimum ammo.


Electro-gun with infinate ammo.


Flame thrower with infinate ammo.


Infinate double damage power-up.


Infinate invunerability power-up.


Infinate invisibility power-up.


Infinate 'get out of jail free' cards.


Peds become muggers.


Peds become naked.


Peds become Elivs impersonators!


All cars are "shrunk" into Mini cars...


Access to main 3 levels.


Access to main 3 levels + all bonus levels.


Dreamcast Cheats




All levels available.


Start with 99 lives...


All weapons on offer...


Unlimited energy.


Weapons remain after losing life.


Start with lots of cash... :)


Multiplier set to x5...


Maximum respect from all gangs.


Wanted level set to maximum.


Ultra gore mode. Very cool cheat.


Invisibility power-up made available.


Peds become Elvis wannabes! (Apparently!)


No cops.


Vehicle List

Aniston B4D

Armed Land Roamer




Big Bug

Box Truck



Cop Car

Dermentia Limousine


Fire Truck

Futore GT

G4 Bank Truck


Hot Dog Van

Ice-Cream Van

Jagular XK


Karma Bus

Land Roamer





Michelli Roadster







Special Agent Car


Stretch Limousine

Swat Van




Taxi Xpress


Truck Cab

Truck Cab SX

TV Van

U-Jerk Truck







General Tips

Teleporting secret cars?!
In the Commercial District, check out the Blue Sports Cars with numbers on them. If you manage to hop into one of them, you will, apparently, be teleported to "Wangs" Used Car lot. The number of the car you got will be displayed on the garage door. Collect all 8 of these cars in secret spots on the level and on the last one you will teleport back to the used car lot where 7 of the coolest cars in the game are lined up and waiting for you! Seems crazy, I know. Either way, we have a screenshot - could be fake, we just don't know... (Screenshot size = 28kb approx)

Thanks to

Using Transporters
To hook up a transporter which enables you to carry your favorite car around with you without the worry of it getting knackered or damaged (OK, so its unlikley situation...) find yourself a Truck Cab, not a U-Jerk Truck, and then find a Transporter. Once you have hooked up simply by reversing into the Transporter (the end with the towing conector) you can drive around all you like but be warned; when reversing, the trailer will swing round and throw the cab right off course. Take the whole thing to a crane and park under it. If there is a car on the Transporter, the crane will take it off. When it puts the car down, park another one next to it to have that one loaded on to the back of the Transporter. Most cars which are found on Transporters contain entertaining kill-frenzies like the 'Use the car mines to blow up 12 cars in 120 seconds' one.

Submitted by gta:uk

Saving your game.
Need to save? Really gotta eat or get some sleep?! Visit the church and head for the neon "Jesus Saves" sign. Walk under it and, for the small cost of $50,000 your game will be saved. Not sure which platforms this works on - I struggled to manage it on the PS...

Submitted by gta:uk

Jump for cars!
On the second stage head for the prison. Above the prison is a tiny ledge. On the mainland, there should be a small ramp. Make the jump in a fast car and hopefully, on the other side, will be a selection of cool cars, all loaded with Amo and mounted Machine Guns!

Submitted by gta:uk

Quick Church find.
Need a church? Jack a TV van and follow the satellite... Church at 11'o'clock! :)

Submitted by gta:uk

Lost the cops. No cheat needed.
This only works on the first level. When the cops are after you, head for the phones were you started. Answer the phones which instruct you on the training mission. Climb into the car provided - the cops should be gone!

Submitted by gta:uk

PS Radio.
On the PS version, when driving, tap UP on the keypad to change the radio station.

Submitted by gta:uk

Gang killing Bonus.
Killing gang members can reveal some pretty hefty weapons. Cops don't mind if you kill Gang members, though you will end up REALLY on the wrong side of the Gang you choose to slaughter... The Scientists tend to have the best weaponary there for the taking!

Submitted by gta:uk

Jackin' cop cars!
Tried to open the door of an occupied cop car? Failed? Apparently, if you persist, they will lost their grip and fall from the car... Free for the taking!

Submitted by gta:uk

Game demo ideas.
Leave the game idle on the title screen and wait for the demo to begin. Provides some pretty neat tips!

Submitted by gta:uk

Rig your car with Oil Slicks. Place liberal amounts in each lane on a busy highway. Stand back and watch the fun!

Submitted by gta:uk

Being followed? Pull a 180 in a nice lil sports car and hit the gas... the person persuing will follow, but, Cop cars especially, have terrible turning circles! (As do many of the other, larger vehicles!)

Submitted by gta:uk

Making the most of a respray.
Before you get sprayed, cause a little havoc - car explosions and muder one is a good way! Once the cops are getting heavy, respray as planned with a benefit of XX'000 points!

Submitted by gta:uk

GTA2 Police
The cops in GTA2 are surprisingly clever when compared to the ones in previous games. They will follow you over grass and down back streets although if you only commit a minor offence but still get a cop after you, you can 'lie-low' for a few mins and with a bit of look, the cops will cease to search for you. The cops heads on the screen usually bounce up and down. If they are still, it means that you have out-run them and they can't find you. If you manage to evade the cops and continue to mow people down/kill the cops/blow things up etc, then the SWAT teams will be called in. They are a little trickier and have faster transport (a van) but if you take out the entire van load of officers (use the flame thrower) you can steal their transport and you will be almost invincible as long as you evade road blocks. If the SWAT teams cannot catch you then the Special Agents will be called in - they are just like cops but they have better guns, unmarked cars and they run a hell of a lot faster! If by some miracle you can keep out of their way (especially their road-blocks) the Army will arive with tanks and all. At this point you might as well give yourself up or get a re-spray (some times several resprays are necessary at different locations) although you could destroy a few tanks (use the Molatove Cocktails but not Grenades) for some serious points. Have fun!

Submitted by gta:uk

Cops never chase a "working" Taxi?
Might be worth a try... Grab some customers whilst the cops are on your ass and find out!

Submitted by gta:uk

Eager Cops.
Another "Lose the cops" tip... When they are following you, take the corners smoothly, allowing them to follow. Speed up an open road, when you see an opening, slow down and pretend your gonna drive straight past. As the cop(s) gets close, take a sharp turn and the cop(s) will continue straight on, allowing you to break free. Repeat as needed.

Submitted by gta:uk

Spotted a HUGE ramp?
...chances are that it uncovers an "Insane Stunt Bonus"! (Excellent way to bring in the points!)

Submitted by gta:uk

When you jack a car, immediatly hit reverse and right for an almost certain "splat" of the driver!

Submitted by gta:uk

Kill the trail.
Cops chasing you? Pull over and stop. They will pull in directly behind you. As soon as they begin to get out, hit the floor for a steaming head start!

Submitted by gta:uk

If you steal a Taxi and then drive around on the correct side of the road next to the pavement, you should hear someone shout something like "Wait, hey, Taxi!". Someone will dive in the back. As you drive around, your money will go up. As soon as you run someone over or whatever and a cop gets onto your ass, they passenger will jump out and splat on the road - run him/her over for some extra points.

Submitted by gta:uk

Special Agent Bonus...
If you ever end up being persued by a special agent/FBI then qickly get out of your car and take ONE shot at the (or one shot at each) agent. If you kill the guy with just one shot, you get an acuracy bonus on top of what you get for killing the agent. A couple of Special Agents dead and only a couple of bullets used and you'll be in the points big time!

Submitted by gta:uk

Outlaw Factor.
When your wanted level reaches maximum, lie low and watch your point counter: just for keeping out of the cops way, you get paid a 'Fugitive/Outlew factor' of upto $100/sec... don't stay still for too long though cos the Special Agent WILL find you sooner or later although he may struggle if your on an Island... *grin* BTW, I haven't actually tried the island idea, it just came to me whilst typing this particular tip...

Submitted by gta:uk



We (g t a : u k) cannot (and will not) be held responsible for any negative effects to your computer, game or console (etc) after the addition of these cheats. To our knowledge, all are safe to use. You are using these cheats and tips of your own free will... If possible, we recommend you ALWAYS save a game, as a form of backup, before any cheats or tips are performed. Also, we do not guarentee that all cheats and tips work. Most are checked, but there are always some which slip the net. At the end of the day, you're using your own judgement.


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