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Information about using the cheats, etc.

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Cheats for the PS version of the game...

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Codes to tap into your PC copy...

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List of all featured vehicles...

<General Tips>

Ways to make GTA more fun!

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Tips for GB release of GTA...


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    To activate a cheat, type it into the "name" section at the beginning of the game - you will have to erase the old name, after which you will be asked to input a new one. You can add as many cheats as you like by changing your name repeatedly. Once done, change to a "sensible" name of your choice and play as usual...


Playstation Cheats




All codes activated. Wanted level at maximum.


All codes activated. Wanted level set to zero.


All weapons and items available.


Same effect as BSTARD...


Access all levels.


Access all levels version 2.


Multiplier set to X5.


Maximum points from beginning.


99 lives.


Max wanted level.


Display co-ordinates.


No Police.


PC Cheats




All levels available.


99 lives.


Game diagnostics - can crash your game.


All weapons and items.


Start with 999,999,999 points!


Multiplier set to x10.


Hit * on the numpad to restock with ALL items.


Same effect as above.


No police.


View all "end of level" cutscenes.


Vehicle List

29 Special



Beast GTS













Fire Truck




Itali GTB

Itali GTO





Love Wagon


Monster Bug






Porka Turbo



Repair Van



Squad Car



Stinger Z29






Transit Van

TV Van





General Tips

Choose your own Soundtrack - PC ONLY
After you the city loads, you can put in your own music CD and cruise around with the music of your choice running in the background. You can put in the CD anytime during the game. After you put in the CD, pause it and select "constant" (from the sound/music options) to start at the beginning of the CD. Radio starts it at a random track. The track also changes with each car.

Submitted by Unknown

R.C Cars/Kill Frenzy
Look out for the Love Wagons (especially in SanAndreas) as the majority contain remote control car kill frenzies. You are given an unlimited number of RC cars to drive around which can be parked under cars etc. then blown up. To ensure you get the bonus (usually an extra life) get some cops on your tail before you get in the Love Wagon. Fry some cops and their cars and the bonus is yours! Once the frenzy has been completed, your wanted level will be set to zero. Be warned though, that some Love Wagons contain no bonus... If you've got yourself a trail of cops as mentioned above, you'll be left with nothing but a terrible getaway vehicle!

Submitted by gta:uk

Secret Tank
Ever noticed the tank on the island in South-East SanAndreas during Tequilla Slammer? If like quite a few people out there, you never figured out how to get it... read on! Head to eastern SanAndreas on the main road over the red bridge. Heading in a Southernly direction, at the end of the bridge, go east at the first oportunity. You will see the AUTO-shop and docks. Look around towards the back of the auto shop, left of the docks, and you'll see a path between two buildings. Find a fast bike or car and, when properly lined up, fly at full speed into the path-way tunnel. It looks like your heading for the water, but as its so shallow, you just splash through it! To far left or right and you'll sink. Once on the other side, jump in the tank, exit the island the way you entered, then do the Kill Frenzy within!

Submitted by gta:uk

Drive Trains
In Liberty City, board a train... Once it sets off, hit the attack key. Your now the driver. Select back or forward and increase or decrease the speed as you wish. Watch out for other trains - a collision even at walking pace is deadly to all involved! To get off, do as you normally would at the next station. The original driver will then take over...

Submitted by gta:uk

Vehicle Benefits
Most adandoned care are towed away once you leave the scene. Cars which you have stolen from road side parking spaces, ambulances and fire trucks do NOT obbey to this rule. They are not towed way. Use them to make permenant road blocks or for other entertaining purposes!

Submitted by gta:uk

Fort Law Military Base
Use any public service vehicle - ie: Squad car, Ambulance or Fire truck - to enter the military base in North Fort Law... lots of more "unusual" vehicles to choose from...

Submitted by gta:uk

Fire Truck secret
Once moving, fire trucks are quite nippy. If persued by a cop, allow him to hit the back of the vehicle 2 or 3 times at speed. You will be no worse for ware, but the cop car will explode... and carry on moving!

Submitted by gta:uk

Open the doors to destruction
Take a look at the SanAndreas map. See in the very south-west, the little island? Get your butt over there and take the 'Superbike' provided near the the north of the island on the mainland. Its green and concealed partly by a bush. Line up the bike and jump across - you'll see a ramp when you get there. Once on the island, you will see a small information signs which, when touched, says: "The doors to destruction are open!" This means that a set number of tanks in the level are available for the taking. I'm yet to figure out exactly which tanks are unlocked, but it sure isn't the ones closest to where the sign was revealed. 'DMA' has verified this cheat and assures us that there are tanks to be found... Happy tank hunting!

Submitted by gta:uk

Tech the armed gang a lesson...
No real outcome here other than a few points, but head for the playground in South Dominica - several armed "peds" will say such comments as "Get your raggedy ass out of our hood"... Simply to show them who is boss - Kill them all! They have a good aim, so take care. An automatic weapon and armour would help.

Submitted by gta:uk

Bootcamp Bonus!
Grab yourself a map of Vice City and take a look at the island on the far right. Head over to the bridge at the northern point - cross and collect the armor on the way. Make sure that your armed with a machine gun or flame thrower - the BUCKFAST cheat springs to mind here. As soon as you step onto the island you'll be attacked by the soldiers. Kill ALL of them for a hefty bonus. Theres also a tank available for the taking. The only way to get the tank off is to use the bridge at the south of the island heading back to the mainland. Strangely, this bridge only becomes available once the tank is accessed and disappears once the tank has been removed from the island...

Submitted by gta:uk

Basic Cop Knowledge
Pretty much everyone knows this, but when faced with an angry cop, don't shoot him, torch him with your flame thrower. You get lots more points and its way more fun! Its also easier to take out multiple cops with a flame thrower than it is with a machine gun.

Submitted by gta:uk

Monster BUGS!
Check out the monster bugs parked South of the hospital in Northeast Atlantic Heights and in Richman, just above Soviet Hill...

Submitted by gta:uk

Crazy insane stunt!
Find the Penetrator in Northwest Richman Park - its infornt of a wall in the far eastern corner. The green colour blends well with the surrounding plants, so keep your eyes peeled. Get in and drive straight ahead. Hope that there are no vehicles blocking your way ahead and put your foot RIGHT down! If you get a clear run you will end up quite a bit south of your starting point with a hefty points bonus and just left of a park full of power-ups and items!

Submitted by gta:uk

Passing through walls
Want to get into a locked compound? Line a large vehicle up, flat against the gate/fence/wall and hit the "jump" button. On large vehicles, you slide instead of jump, and end up continuing right under the object parked next to the auto... getting out may not be so easy...

Submitted by gta:uk

Walk the rails!
Cross railway lines by simply running straight across them. Don't stop or turn or you'll be electrified! The only place you usually have access to the rails is in a station.

Submitted by gta:uk

Gouranga features - one known to everyone, one known to just a few... 1) Run over a full line of Gouranga guys for a huge point increase! 2) Walk upto a line of Gouranga guys and punch the leader. Quickly walk off and they will follow you. Your now the leader of the cult! They will follow your every move as long as your on foot...

Submitted by gta:uk

Quick Money
In need of a respray? Nneed your car to be rigged? Don't have enough cash? Simply steal a Cossie, Counthash or Beast GTS and sell it to the man at the docks. If its in mint condition, you'll be inline for a quick $12'000 per car... Nice!

Submitted by gta:uk


Nintendo Gameboy Tips and Info

You can bring a car to an instant stop simply by getting out of it...

Unlike the versions made for other platforms, your bonus multiplier does NOT increase at the end of each mission...

You only have to reach 1/10th of the score set by the PC and PS versions to complete a level. ..

Some missions are rendered impossible as the game cannot correctly identify when X number of people have been killed...

There is no way to jump over cars...

There are apparently NO tanks on the GameBoy version of GTA.

Jumps are a lot less likely to succeed on the GameBoy...

The GPS arrow only has eight directions. Accordingly, 43 and 03 appear to be in the same direction...


'Super Cheats'

According to a small selection of online GTA resources, there are a few "tips" known as 'super cheats'.

Although I have never attempted these, due mainly to the fact that they require alot of effort, timing and record keeping. Many involve collection items from oposite sides of a city, combining them, managing to do mamoth tasks without a single mistake, killing your character and restarting the game to reveal the "new features".

Whilst I have no first hand experience, some people have been foolish enough to have a go, only to realise the obvious - they are fake. Below is a small selection of quotes relating to these so-called "super cheats"...

...get indestructible mega tank...
...find yourself in the middle of a twenty-lane superhighway...
...bomb thrower, homing missile and is indestructible... trendy jet fighter with nuclear missiles... new charcter, Stig, leader of the New York mafia...
...500 missiles - Golden Gate Bridge can be blown up...

As you can see - very far fetched. Most cheats cannot be completed, let alone be expected to work! Its estimated that CORRECTLY completing even the most basic "super cheat" can take well over 4-5 hours...

Someones idea of a joke - a waste of your time. Don't believe everything you read!



We (g t a : u k) cannot (and will not) be held responsible for any negative effects to your computer, game or console (etc) after the addition of these cheats. To our knowledge, all are safe to use. You are using these cheats and tips of your own free will... If possible, we recommend you ALWAYS save a game, as a form of backup, before any cheats or tips are performed. Also, we do not guarentee that all cheats and tips work. Most are checked, but there are always some which slip the net. At the end of the day, you're using your own judgement.


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